Friday, February 25, 2011

Bari - Puglia - Italy

Bari centre

This was certainly not the first time I visited Italy. It might be even a fiftieth time, but the very first time in the South. I've finally discovered a new little piece of Italy. And I am very thrilled to share my collected information. I stayed in Bari just for 4 days, but in such a short time I managed to make much out of it.


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Place to stay: Casa Pimpolini
B&B wall decoration

If you happen to be looking for a hotel in Bari, then stop it immediately. I know a place that surpasses everything. It is a centrally located B&B in a warmly decorated apartment. And the owner is the sweetest signora I've ever met.
The place is clean, warm, light, cozy and the breakfasts are delicious with homemade cakes and fruit salads. Highly recommended!!
On you can see the pictures of the interior. And via you can contact the owner.

B&B Balcony

Bari and Alberobello
Old town of Bari

Bari is a small town. Everything is nearby and accessible on foot. Public transport is not necessary at all. To orientate in Bari is very easy and just walking around is very pleasant. You’ll find loads of shops with clothes, shoes, food and Italian design.
Old Town, however, is a maze with authentic homes and churches. Watch out that nobody throws something at your head. Frequently things or water are falling down. While walking in the old town I get a flashback to India, but here it is all a lot calmer. Occasionally there is an old local person or a group of tourists that past.
Basilica di San Nicola

One of the major attractions of the old town is Basilica di San Nicola. A church with a mix of several styles like Romanesque, Arabic, Byzantine and Classical. For art history lovers, there are many interesting things to discover. I decided to walk around without having to read a lot about it. Just relax!.

Trulli in Alberobello

Not far from Bari is Alberobello, a big favorite among the tourists. This is a small town known for it’s strange circular buildings with conical roofs: Trulli. Almost each trullo is a shop, if not it’s a restaurant. February is clearly not a high season, which I liked, otherwise it must surely be a too crowded tourist hell. Now you can go hiking and enjoy the trulli instead of being harassed by a huge number of useless souvenirs.

Alberobello is unfortunately the only place I've seen outside Bari. Nearby, there is much more to discover. Places like Ostuni, Trani and Lecce are maybe even more beautiful. That would be the reason to ever get back to Puglia.

Eat & Drinks

In Bari nobody will starve. There are lots of places where you can enjoy food and drinks. For the vegetarians among us there is a wide range of delicious dishes too. Order some antipasti and get a table full of delicious snacks of cheese, mushrooms and vegetables. Then choose from a unique and extensive selection of pizzas. Don’t forget to order the dolci and finish your dinner with a glass of limoncello. Hmmm… This is how the dolce vita feels like.
I have two addresses that are very worthwhile.
Altri Temi Pizzeria – Via A. Gimma, 184 – 70123 Bari

La Tana Pizzeria – Via Amendola, 29 – Bari

Delicious Panna Cotta in La Tana Pizzeria

Both are very popular by locals. Without reservation, you will have to wait for your table in a row outside. But waiting is absolutely worth it.

Bari is definitely not lacking on fun bars. There are many of them. In winter it is even possible to sit outside. Almost all the terraces have a heating.
We’ve spent a lot of time in Matisse bar on Piazza del Ferrarese. It’s a small and cozy bar with tasty drinks and snacks.
And just outside the Piazza Mercantile is also a lovely bar named Chat Noir.


Shopping in Bari is possible on almost each street.
Corso Cavour street is full of shops and gelatti cafes.
Via Sparano da Bari is the main shopping street with shops as Zara, H&M, Intimissimi an so on.
And for the lovers of vintage I found a cute little shop with 60’s, 70’s and 80’s stuff on the Via Melo da Bari street.

Vintage store

The locals have told me that Bari is much more pleasant during the summer. But despite that, I’ve enjoyed. It was relaxed and quiet. People were polite and very friendly.
Unfortunately the Dolce Vita is over now. But luckily I have something nice in the prospect. ;)

And me:
Background - Bari Old Town
Wearing: Vintage faux fur coat, Zara turtleneck sweater, Zara trousers, Gucci shoes, Longchamp bag.

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