Tuesday, July 3, 2012

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis

Since this line is out, I became obsessed by the wide choice of beautiful colors. First I picked out the dark tones. And when the spring arrived, I was again inspired by the brighter colors.

The Color Riche nail polish is not just about fun and unique hues. It also offers the ability to efficiently and effortlessly apply the nail polish. The brush is super fine, perfect size. And the color is long lasting because of the integrated topcoat.

I eventually chose seven colors:

210 Shocking Pink

This is the ultimate color for summer. It's bright, extraordinary, playful and feminine. Shocking Pink is also nice to combine with the other shade of the line: 203 Exotic Canaries.

303 Lush Tangerine

A delicious fruity color and oh so summery. This is an another alternative on red for me.

305 Dating Coral

Coral is the new red. I've always had red in my nail polish collection. But right now I replace it by this color. It is such a deliciously fresh hue, not too obvious, just very refined.

502 Purple Disturbia

I like dark colors a lot. This color was the first of this line I've purchased. It's a very sexy hue and perfect for the weekends.

608 Luxembourg Garden

This is just one special color. Difficult to define, because it changes with light. It's a blend of greenish and grayish shades and it has a metallic finish.

612 Green Couture

What you see is what you get. A very natural green color. Anything but subtle, striking and outstanding.

805 Mysterious Icon

A very unique color with a brownish hue with gold glitter in it.

These nail polishes are so addictive. I think I need more colors. 

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