Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cotton wedding

When I was at Maria Laach for the first time, 5 years ago, those fields were full of puppy flowers!

When a couple has something to celebrate, then it must be done in a special way. So my husband and I briefly thought about our wedding day getaway. If you have Germany as a neighbor then there are many interesting opportunities to do. I often forget how rich and how great Germany is. This country has an extensive range of culture and nature. And it is so close!

Our first stop was at Maria Laach. It is a beautiful area with hills, hiking trails, the Benedictine abbey and a volcanic lake. For people who want to find peace it's an ideal location. We did not stay long though, despite the beauty Maria Laach was just a little bit too quiet in our opinion. Yet there is an accommodation available, right next to the abbey overlooking the lake. But we had to go through where more action would be.

Then we reached Koblenz. It has a lovely center with many restaurants and bars. There is much to do in the evening. And yet Koblenz attracts only elderly tourists. Those people are totally wild about many boat trips along the Rhine River. And rightly so!

In Koblenz two rivers, Rhine and Moselle are coming together and that's where the best routes begin with historic towns along the coast such as Trier and Basel. But the most characteristic thing about that coast line are many castles situated on the hills. Some are ruins and some chick hotels.

This is Rhine and behind the statue is Moselle

Because we were dealing with a very special celebration we could not resist to spend a night in such castle. The Romantic Schloss Rheinfels in St. Goar is such a possibility. The site offers a fantastic view over the river and the other two ruins, Katz and Maus, on the other side. Directly behind the hotel is the Rheinfels ruin itself which you can visit during the day.

A hotel like this is for real gourmets. And coincidentally I am one. Indeed, you can also dine there. The dishes from the menu are very refreshing and refined. The service was very charming and alert.

The neighborhood of St. Goar is also great. There is not much to do but you just can endlessly enjoy the surrounding beauty. Not very far is the Loreley rock known for its accidents and legends.

This could not be more perfect.

I need to explore more of Germany!

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