Monday, August 13, 2012

India: Orchha

After Kahjuraho we wanted to reach Rajastan by plane first. But our previous domestic flight was so scary that we didn't want to risk our life once again and found a taxi driver who brought us to Jaipur through small towns like Orchha. Orchha was immediately our next destination. It's a lovely place, not very popular but a bit famous for it's abandon and not maintained palace. By the entrance stood a not quite representative guide. He was chewing paan while offering us a tour through palace. We decided not to use his services. On our way back we briefly regretted it. The exit was hard to find. The whole building is a labyrinth overlooking the large vultures on the roof. And we were there all alone.
The palace is beautiful, but it's dilapidated condition is a shame. All walls are stained with paan spit. But on the other side it surely a special experience to view a sight without crowds and rules. Here you can access every single corner.
Orchha is a relaxed village, worth visiting. And it's a place where I have had the best cheese nan so far.

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