Thursday, April 11, 2013

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Vernis - II

After my last review of the nail polishes I have not stopped buying new colors. The shades that I already had, formed more or less a base on my own collection. The following nail polishes made my collection even more extensive. In total, I now have 16 different colors. They fit perfect with my outfits, moods, holidays and seasons. This color palette is very rich!

107 – Beige Boheme
This is a nice, neat nude look. Unfortunately this is the only nude hue, I would have liked it a bit lighter shade.

209 – Ingenuous Rose
This pink polish looks very pretty and sweet. The coverage quality is a bit poor though. Two layers was not enough. Which is strange, cause other polishes are very pigmented.

302 – Exotic Canaries
A very fresh color, which made me happy. Ideal for holiday. It is not too bright, yet very striking and subtle at the same time.

401 – Rouge Pin Up
Red color made a comeback into my nail polish collection. I was a bit tired of red nails. Yet it is an indispensable color, don't you think? There is little to say about this color. It's just a very deep, bright and classic hue.

602 – Perle De Jade
This color is so beautiful, fresh and contemporary. Also called the Tiffany color.

613 – Blue Reef
A very deep, rich and unique color. A beautiful combination of blue and green.

617 – You Are Worth It
This is such a pleasant color to look at! It seems very simple one, yet it is so refined. I was wearing it with bold silver ring and my hand looked just gorgeous.

618 – Santorini Lagoon
Another unique hue. At first sight it appears very much like the Blue Reef. Only this color is much softer.

702 – Black Swan
Another come back hue into my collection. Black is my all time favorite color to wear. I never get tired if it. And it is always up to date. Pretty much like the red. I like the simplicity which strikes subtly.

I also have some colors combined. I think these three examples are very nice matches. 

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