Thursday, May 2, 2013

Siracusa - Sicily

Southern part of Sicily seems to be the poorest and when we are back on the road, we can see that. Although the country still remains charming, but the towns are unkept, ugly and industrial.
First impression of Siracusa was immediately questionable. Our hotel wasn't located right in the center. It was between the historic center and the Greek ruins, both within walking distance but not quite beautiful neighborhood.
After our arrival in Siracusa we walked right to the center. Then the city appears to be exceptional and totally worth visiting. There is an opportunity for shopping and good restaurants are everywhere. Via Cavour seems to be the best for dining out. Actually to find a good place for food in Sicily isn't that difficult. Sicilians are very passionate about their kitchen and offer their customers only the best.
After dinner we admired the center by walking through it. The sea was surprisingly clear, it was a pleasure to look at. And the maze of narrow streets by night looked incredible. Many old buildings are totally not maintained, even trees grow out of them. It's a pity, but they do look quite unique and mysterious. The Cathedral Square looked astonishing. The dark sky offered a special contrast to the brightly lit, white facades. It's definitely worth it to see the city both day and evening.
On the next day we walked to the Archeological park to witness some Greek civilization. The main attraction of this park is the greek theater. Despite it's age, the theater is still reasonably well preserved. Beside the historical function, this ruin is still a place for performances. Near the exit lies a relatively small Roman arena. This remnant is less popular and has become a background to the wild flower field.
Back in town we experience the city in daylight. It is a completely different perspective. Of course it's more crowded and lively. While the city is murky in the night, it's so cheerful now. We take another walk though the streets, shops and cafes until the power abandon our bodies.


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