Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moscow Day I

Gin Tonic at Hotel 'Ukraina'

From St. Petersburg to Moscow we took the fast train 'SAPSAN', which I booked on rzd.ru. Read the review on this journey here.

In Moscow we stayed at my father's home. I am glad that I can always go there. To find a central, affordable and comfortable accommodation isn't easy here.
We haven't quite recovered from night out in St. Petersburg, but we continued our cultural program anyway.
It is a sunny Sunday and the center of Moscow is full of tourists and foreign workers who seem to have the same plans. Just in time we join the row to the mausoleum. A lot of people behind us will not get inside. If people are still standing in the line 20 minutes before closing time they will not get in.
The row was terrible, too crowded. People were pushing each other, some thought they were in the line for the red square. I advise to avoid the center sights on Sunday.
Check my previous Moscow blog for more info and opening hours of my favorite city sights.
All cameras must be delivered at the special counter before the entrance. You'll get no chance to capture the mausoleum inside.
I love mausoleum and it's dark interior with the mysterious atmosphere. Last time i was here the whole experience seemed quite absurd and surreal. But now the atmosphere seemed to be lost because of the crowds. My husband was annoyed by talking tourists in front of us.

The next sight for today would be Kremlin. But all we wanted is to run away from the crowds to a quieter place. My other favorite place in Moscow is the always peaceful house of Gorky. Even today it was nice to be there.
Afterwards we walked along Petrovka. Where we checked the Tsereteli sculptures at the entrance of the Museum of Modern Art and the Upper Monastery of St. Peter. Petrovka used to be the most aristocratic street of Moscow.

My dad offered us to do a night drive through the city. Before that we've eaten delicious Georgian food at a restaurant near home where I got the idea to look inside one of the so-called seven sisters. We were already near the hotel 'Ukraina', which is one of those skyscrapers designed in the Stalinist style. I always wondered how such building looks like inside. Their exterior only is already more than impressive. Usually you can visit a bar or a restaurant in a hotel, which 'Ukraina' hotel also has.
Afterwards it was a very good idea. It's a special chance to see the building inside. On the top there is a karaoke bar. The bar has a terrace which provides the magnificent panorama view of Moscow. You can eat and drink in the hotel. It's not cheap, but affordable and very special.

After the expensive cocktails in the Stalin Skyscraper we returned home where my dad was waiting.
Then we immediately got in my dad's car to view Moscow by night. We stopped briefly at places like the city center, Christ of The Saviour Cathedral and the modern Tretiakov Gallery where I used to work five years ago. We drove past Mayakovskaya and Pushinskaya squares, Moscow river, Sparrow Hills and of course Kremlin. It was a smooth and enjoyable trip. An ideal closure of the first day in Moscow.  

The Upper Monastery of St. Peter
Vysotsky sculpture by Tsereteli at Museum of Modern art, Petrovka

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