Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moscow Day II

Autumn has come to Moscow. The sun is gone and it's cold. Which is a bit sad. Moscow is the most fun when you can spend a lot of time outside. To sit inside is not an option, we have an outdoor program at Novodevichi Monastery.
As we approach the monastery it starts to rain. We wait at the gate until the weather is dry and continue the walk around the order. I've been here before, but i never went to the lookout spot by the lake. So I took this opportunity to check out the monastery from a new perspective. When we stood on the other side of the lake, the monastery looked beautiful, exactly like on the pictures in the books. Unfortunately it started to rain again, but this time seriously. The trees were no longer a decent shelter. We could only run in the nearest restaurant, which was a Georgian one and pretty good.
At the end of the afternoon we could finally continue. My plan was to go to the Novodevichi cemetery, but it was already closed. Instead we went to the park Kolomenskoye.
Lats time i've been here it was full of Moscovites who have escaped from the city bustle. Now the park was nearly empty and bleak. It was not worth staying any longer. First we took a break in one of the restaurants. Then we decided to travel back home through some underground stations on the ring line. We took the opposite direction to Novoslobodskaya. It is one of the most beautiful underground stations. Here we made a transition to the Mendeleevskaya station. This stop has it's own history. If you take the stairs up, you'll immediately see a statue of a dog. It's a special memento for a stray dog that was known here. Unfortunately the dog ran against a wrong person who stabbed him. With this statue people are still reminded of the cheerful dog that came here daily and was more than welcome.
This was enough for today. Next day we have our last sites and a train journey to Ukraine. 

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