Wednesday, December 5, 2012

10 days in Yalta

After a long journey through four fantastic cities we needed some rest. Yalta is therefore an excellent choice to end the trip. While the autumn is coming to the cities it is still summer in Yalta. The weather though is full of surprises and during our first days we have witnessed a big storm. It has been raining and the sea was wild. Not a good beach weather, but a good time for some other plans. Like beauty care appointments, cultural trips and meeting with friends.
One of the few trips we have made was to the Massandra Palace. A cute summer residence of Tsar Alexander III. It is slightly out of town but easy to get. A bus runs regularly along, from the bus stop we made a short walk up the hill. The setting here is beautiful. The palace is surrounded by gardens and forest and has a view of Yalta and Black Sea. On our way back we took a walk to the famous hotel Yalta. At one of their beach restaurant we had a delicious meal.
It almost become a tradition, but it is actually a very convenient opportunity to meet more friends at once. Together we organize a barbecue in the forest and make it a beautiful day. This time has been successful again. We had lots of fresh food with drinks and fun.
At the end of the holiday the weather cleared up and we could finally enjoy some sun and sea. On the last day I realized how quickly everything had gone. I even became a little sad. Those weeks were really awesome. I've made new friends, spent time with old friends and have seen my family again. I will miss those people and places a lot. 

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