Friday, January 11, 2013

Perth - Australia and around

My last trip of the previous year was terrific! We went to Perth to visit friends and combined the long flight with a stopover in Bali. We flew to Bali via Singapore and stayed two days in SanurA good idea on one hand, because we rested from the jet lag before we flew to Perth. But on the other hand two days Bali had no sense, while we had to pay to come in the country and again to come out. And because we went to Bali one more time on our way back, we had to buy visa for the second time which is only a waste of money. Sanur was a lovely stay, it's close to the airport and is located along the beach with beautifully clear and calm water. Many people prefer Sanur above the popular Kuta. It's much quieter and has also a wide range of shops and restaurants. Our friends from Perth also stayed in Sanur. They were already at the end of their holiday. So, before we went to Australia all together we've spend some time in Bali first. For us it was a very relaxing start with some restaurants visits and cocktails at the beach. Nothing cultural yet, just a simple and social times with Australian and Balinese friends. It was a very short stay, but my impression about Bali was positive and I was looking forward to be here again on our way back.

To Perth we flew with a budget airline. It was only 4 hours and no time difference with Bali. In Australia it was spring, but much colder compared to Bali. Especially at night the temperature cooled down. Perth is not a very big city, we understood that soon after our arrival. We've seen the centre in one day. But the city is very beautifully situated. Nature and urban alternate with each other which is very special. This kind of integration is clearly seen at the Kings Park, where families come together at the weekend for walks among exotic plants or just a barbeque. From the side of the park you can look out at the business center of Perth and the harbor at the Swan river.
About 200 kilometers (which is not very far in Australian terms) north of Perth is a special nature wonder the Pinnacles. In Australia is was often hard to believe that we were on the other side of the world. But a natural monument as Pinnacles makes you realize again where you are and how many hours you have flown to be here. It was a very special place with interesting natural limestone structures which were formed approximately 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. Yellow pinnacles, blue sky and white sand beyond are a prefect combinations for some photogenic moments. 
Our friends lived next to Yelagonga park, an ideal place for pleasant walks. We have seen some exotic species in the wild which are very common here: Kangaroos, cockatoos and parrots. And even though the kangaroos are just a plague here in Australia, they still remain great for a foreigner.
Other short trips we made were AQWA, Swan Valley and ofcource Fremantle.
AQWA is a large aquarium with marine life of the Western Australian coastline. It was less interesting for a scuba diver like me, nevertheless quite educational.
Swan Valley is a breathtakingly beautiful nature area with vineyards. Here you can taste local wine at many spots. The roads are hilly and winding and provide a stunning view of the area. Occasionally a kangaroo crosses the road and makes the trip funny.
Fremantle is a cute and historical town with colonial buildings. First we have visited Bon Scott's grave and later we walked through the streets of Fremantle.
Australia was great, even though our stay was relatively short and we did not see much of the country. But I will wait till next opportunity to visit this continent and it's unique places.


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