Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Post-Asia Blues

I'm always a little sad when I return home from abroad. But when the journey have been far and long, it is even more difficult to handle its end. Looking back at photo's helps to soften the grief. Carried items like souvenirs and gifts ensure that good memories remain longer. Preparing local specialties at home brings me even closer to the excotic atmosphere.
Last time in Bali, I went to a beauty salon for mani and padi. I usually do it myself, but abroad it is a pleasant treatment and a temporary reminder of holiday. In Singapore's Little India, I found an Indian Vogue which I took home for inspiration. And immediately after arrival, I bought all the exotic fruits for tasty healthy juices.
Traveling is great! It makes you wise, mentally rich, inspired, tolerant an totally addictive to it.


  1. travelling can be really adictive, but seeing the world is the best there is!
    xo, Elien
    Dogs & dresses | blog

  2. Cool detox day! After traveling the best thing to do!
    Do u want to follow each others? Let me know! Kiss kiss



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