Thursday, March 7, 2013


Last stop of the trip was Singapore. I was so excited and curious. I felt really happy to spend a few hours there. Sure those few hours were not enough, yet it was a great an special experience.
You know, when you are abroad, you need some time to find out how everything works. Everything is new and not entirely clear. Well, not in Singapore. These people have everything to the detail.
The metro station is near the airport. Once you get through passport control you can directly go into the city. Purchasing tickets is very simple and figuring out which train or lines to take also. Everything is explained in English. People watching on the train was immediately interesting. Singapore residents are a mix of several nations. There are many Indians and even Westerners with children who look like all those peoples together.
Besides it's efficiency, Singapore stands out with it's clean streets, modernity, multiculture and cool architecture. The skyscrapers are unique, the Marina Bay Sands for example, how awesome is that building!? Every corner and street lives, the whole city is just amazingly vibrant. Food corners are everywhere, all of them look so good it's hard to choose were to eat. The same goes for shopping. There is a wide range of clothes and electronics.
Next to the contemporary, there are neighborhoods with traditions and culture, such as Little India. It is almost India, but with fewer people and cleaner environment, yet very charming and authentic. I'm a big fan of Indian cuisine and for the first time it was difficult to find where to eat. There was selection of cuisine from South India, Punjab, Jain and much, much more.
Oh, I just wished I could spend more time in Singapore. 


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